27 November 2009

Gothic Contact Lenses: Different Image Ideas

The rise of using contact lenses as fashion and style among public made gothic contact lenses is the popular choice to achieve startling look especially when they go out to parties or clubs. They will try to dress from top to the toe not to forget that they need attention to their eyes as well.

Gothic Contact Lenses are made from a soft material designed to fit comfortably and safely for the contact lenses user. They are not particularly different from standard contact lenses. From inside or ‘eye side’ it is made exactly the same as normal contact lenses. User will see through and wear them as normal. The ‘outside’ of gothic contact lenses are made from a material that anyone looking at you would be able to see the design you are wearing.

There are variations of design style has been used and also no limitation on rule. You can have plain decorative look, design of animal or something more. Even something as similar as a mirror effect can make a dramatic difference to your look! Gothic contact lenses are simple, but can really take your image ideas to a whole different dimension.

02 November 2009

Gothic Contact Lenses For Fun and Style - Can You Really Achieve it in Real Day to Day Life?

I don't understand why people consider contact lenses as an aid for the vision impaired people only. There is no doubt the fact that contact lenses are used by those who have poor eye sight, but that does not mean that lenses can't be fun to use by those who do not have any eye sight problem. As a matter of fact lenses can be a lot of fun and at the same time give you an exclusive appearance if you choose correctly.

For fun and style consider getting yourself gothic contact lenses. These lenses are designed to give you a different appearance. If it is a Halloween party or a masquerade, using the gimmicky lenses such as cat eye designs, or any other animal print for that matter, it will add an originality and a really scary effect.

But if it is an impression to make or you just want to stand out in the crowd, then your best buy should be the gothic contact lenses. These are available in a very large variety ranging from colored lenses to weird all black and all white to the spiral and mirrored lenses.

They can be considered in the novelty category as well but the gothic lenses have a special flavor to them. The variety is now endless in a large range of colors, but the white and black are still the most popular and in demand.

Gothic contact lenses have been used by many super stars to gain popularity on stage. Britney Spears, Orlando Bloom, Anthony Hopkins, Angelina Jolie, Tom Cruise, Rey Mysterio and many more are regularly seen in colored contacts.

If they can enhance their appearance, then what stops you from matching up with them? So why not try that gothic look for yourself and be popular among your own crowd.

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