07 May 2010

A Beginner's Guide to Colored Contact Lenses

Today, colored contact lenses has slowly become a fashion that aims to change your appearance. As the old saying goes, 'Eyes are the window to the soul'. With just a pair of colored contact lenses, you have the ability to transform your appearance with a pair of captivating eyes. Therefore, do not under-estimate the impact of a pair of colored contact lenses can really make. Today, colored contact lenses are not only used for cosmetic reason only but it can be used for people who has astigmatism and presbyopia problem.

02 April 2010

Theatrical Contact Lenses: From the World of Cinema to The Stylish Fashion

There is always the computer graphics and special effects route in the movies that make stage actors or movie characters get that eerily captivating look in their eyes. With the help from lighting schemes, it can give various feelings on the stage. But the major intrinsic look is come from a result of theatrical contact lenses.

Theatrical contact can transform your viewing experience from observer to active participant in the right situation and storyline. You may experience flat out scare in suspenseful thrillers using theatrical contact. In the world outside of theatrics, they also do a pretty great job of terrifying children of all ages around Halloween as well.

08 February 2010

Theatrical Contact Lenses

Theatrical contact lenses are colored contacts that you can often see in movies. You might see unnatural looking white eyes or maybe a character with cat eyes in a vampire or ghost movie. They use often theatrical contact lenses to get those eyes. Anyone can easily get those for themselves for their own use. Regular people often use them at special event like Halloween just for the fun. You can get your character much more alive using theatrical contact lenses that fit to your character. Color contacts needed to get that effect because changing your eyes is something that one can not do themselves.

28 January 2010

Types of Theatrical Contact Lenses

One of the best ways to enhance your style and personality is by changing the color of your eyes. Before this, only movie and stage actors and musicians are using theatrical contact lenses to enhance the characteristics of characters they play. For musicians, they use that lenses convey a strong stage presence and visual impact. Now anyone can buy these lenses because of their affordability.

Depending on your mood or occasion, there are many types of theatrical contacts that you can choose. There are useful to change the color of your eyes or as part of a costume.

Here are some types of theatrical contact lenses:

21 January 2010

Privacy Policy


At http://the-gothic-contact-lenses.blogspot.com, the privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. This privacy policy document outlines the types of personal information is received and collected by http://the-gothic-contact-lenses.blogspot.com and how it is used.

20 January 2010

You Should Visit Your Optometrist or Ophthalmologist Even for Decorative Lenses

You have probably seen those weird lenses around special occasion as the time of Halloween- wacky colors, lenses like vampire eyes, cat eyes or as scary as the gothic contact lenses. Using those plano contact lenses (decorative lenses) still need to follow same regulations as for corrective lenses.

Whether the lenses are to correct vision or plano contact lenses, the risks associated with wearing lenses on the eye are the same. The potential hazards always ignored by many people. They may think that wearing those contact lenses just for a while does not give any harm. Some may think those contact lenses are not really contacts. The correct care procedures must be taken to prevent serious infections and problems no matter how little they are worn.

Get a Proper Prescription!

15 January 2010

The Gothic Contact Lenses

Gothic means related to the Goths. In the Late Middle Ages, Gothic art, a Medieval art movement lasted about 200 years. With Gothic contact lenses into the fashion we can bring this time back. Gothic Fashion is a dark, sometimes morbid, eroticized fashion and style of dress. Black dyed hair, black clothes and of course to top it off, black or white gothic contact lenses are typical Gothic fashion.

03 January 2010

Why Gothic Contact Lenses are Chosen

Movie and theatrical specialists have been used gothic contact lenses for many years. Because of those experiences they can create the perfect look. This is applied to every style that they are wanted.

One of the advantage is they are far cheaper and easier to use then special computer added fx. Because the eyes are such a key part of the human face, they can really make a dramatic effect on any costume when gothic contact lenses are used.