08 February 2010

Theatrical Contact Lenses

Theatrical contact lenses are colored contacts that you can often see in movies. You might see unnatural looking white eyes or maybe a character with cat eyes in a vampire or ghost movie. They use often theatrical contact lenses to get those eyes. Anyone can easily get those for themselves for their own use. Regular people often use them at special event like Halloween just for the fun. You can get your character much more alive using theatrical contact lenses that fit to your character. Color contacts needed to get that effect because changing your eyes is something that one can not do themselves.

Halloween is one event where theatrical contacts could be used. Other events where they are often used are those where you have costume play in some character like from a game or a comic. These characters often have some special eyes sometimes it might be just different colored eyes, which can be achieved only using theatrical contact lenses.

Instead of just adding more color to it like regular color contacts do, theatrical contact lenses change your eye color completely. They are good for both light colored and dark colored eyes. They are not meant to use to correct your vision whether you are near or far sighted but only for cosmetic use. If you decide to wear color contacts including theatrical and regular, you should consult an eye doctor first to make sure what kind of contacts are good for your eyes. It can hurt your eyes if you use those that are made using material that is not suitable and good for your eyes.


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